Case Studies

North American manufacturer of residential dehumidifiers wanted to redesign the coils used in its entire range and increase the capacity of its existing models.


Danvita engineers had to design from scratch, three coil models to achieve 75 Pint, 95 pint and 130 pint dehumidifying capacity and the coils needed to be very compact. Detailed study of the existing refrigeration system had to be undertaken as very limited design information was provided by the customer.


Danvita engineers eagerly took up the challenge and with its software simulation program coupled with its HVAC and Refrigeration system knowledge, evaporator and condenser selections were done with optimum refrigerant flow balance in both the heat exchangers/coils. A complete exhaustive matrix was prepared with various options and after deliberation, multiple options were selected.

Sampling and testing were carried out at a great pace and Danvita’s design not only provided the required enhanced capacity but also provided reduced costs and compactness.


The customer was able to launch its three new models with enhanced performance ratings before its competitors!

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